Comparing Full Fitted Conservatory Costs Online

Low Cost ConservatoriesClearly, if you are someone who is extending your home, then a serious contender for the new living space has to be a conservatory, as they offer a “quick” & cost effective way to add more room to a residential property when compared with a “bricks & mortar” extension.

Very often able to be installed without the need for planning permission it means less hassle all round.

Finding Prices online

Searching on the web for conservatory price guides is not as simple as it may seem, even with a plethora of websites in the home improvement industry, you may find it hard going to get an actual prices, however, you will find a simple “conservatory price guide” on this comparison website – Low Cost Conservatories which we have quickly reviewed.

It’s not a particularly big website (around 20+ pages) but that is working in its favour because visitors don’t have hundreds of pages to filter through in order to find what they are looking for. The main menu links you easily to pages such as:

  • Conservatory Designs
  • Orangeries & garden rooms
  • Conservatory prices
  • More conservatory styles
  • Planning permission

The information on the pages is (thankfully) brief & to the point, matched with images that allow you to differentiate between many of the most popular designs in the market – however, even though the basic conservatory costs are  covered on the prices page, I did feel there could have been more actual guide prices shown – but there is more than enough justification for this as they (quite rightly) point out that there are so many variables involved that accurate pricing “off page” is just not possible, and given human nature, when we see a price in print we tend to expect to be able to get it at that price – so the balance is to show prices that are not too high or too low.

Quotations for installing your new conservatory

You just can’t use some fancy programme or “instant online quote” widget to price your conservatory, its nonsense because you won’t be able to input the individual conditions of your property or requirements (what if you need deep foundations, have to move drains or power cables?) and relying on that type of pricing is sure to lead some kind of error – so the way to go about it is to get the installers onsite to measure up & discuss options.

Low Cost have set up a simple quote request form which asks for basic contact details & a rough idea of what type of conservatory you are considering – you submit this form and they arrange for independent qualified companies to contact you direct to come over, survey your property & do a quote – the quotes are free, and you are under no obligation to buy.

Low Cost Conservatories Site Review