Replacement Boilers – Existing Infrastructure

Replacement BoilersSometimes overlooked when you are faced with getting a new boiler, is consideration for future extensions of your home.

If at some stage you want to extend the house (add a bath/kitchen /bedroom / conservatory for example) you could do well to look at fitting a boiler that will be able to cope with future heating & hot water needs as opposed to current needs.

Most boilers are geared towards hot water for the taps, this is especially true for combi boilers. Your home heating power requirements can actually be less than 10kWh output. If you want to know more about prices, then you can review the cost guide here

Do you have pipework & radiators in place that are suitable for your new boiler?

If so it can reduce the overall boiler installation cost significantly – although it is advisable to get the pipes power flushed beforehand. Be aware that even if you do have pipes in place, there is always the potential for some work being needed in this area, especially if you are relocating the actual boiler or changing from an old gravity fed version to a closed system.

New & Replacement Boilers