Conservatory Styles & Designs

Whilst there is an endless amount of individual variation than can be taken advantage of when deciding on your conservatories style. After first identifying Local Conservatory Prices you will also see there are some basic recognised styles from which you can have a place to start imagining how your home extension will look.

The pictures show examples of different looks that can be achieved based on each different style of conservatory, but the core designs are:

  • Victorian Conservatories.
    • Edwardian Conservatories
    • Lean-to Conservatories
    • Orangery Conservatories
    • Garden Rooms

With each basic style you could also make them into P-shaped, T-shaped, L-shaped or Pavilion.

You may also notice that not all conservatories have full glass sides and roofs, due to the addition of brick “dwarf walls” or pillars or In-fill panels. Some of the roofs feature poly-carbonate in-fill panels, which when compared to double glazed glass panels are usually less expensive and considerably lighter.

All of the doors and windows in the conservatories feature multi-point locking systems for enhanced security and the locks themselves will be pick, bump and snap resistant.

Types of Conservatories